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Digitally Supported Improvement of Academic Performance at MSc Level



EIT (European Institute of Innovation and Technology)


Institut für Berufspädagogik, Forschungsgruppe Technikdidaktik


01.07.2011- 31.12.2012


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Projektmitarbeiter des IBP:

; Carmen Wolf, M.A.;

Kurzbeschreibung der Projektinhalte und –ziele:

Bei diesem Teilprojekt von KIC InnoEnergy geht es um die Entwicklung eines Lernmoduls zur Verbesserung der Selbstreflexionsfähigkeit für die Studierenden im anlaufenden ENTECH-Master oder Energiemaster des KIT, sowie bereits bestehenden Masterstudiengängen für Energie und Entrepreneurship an den Partneruniversitäten.




Project Title:

Digitally Supported Improvement of Academic Performance at MSc Level

Funded by:

EIT (European Institute of Innovation and Technology)

Project Coordinator:

Institute for Vocational Education and Training (IBP), Research Group Engineering Didactics


6 months for the time being (July 01, 2011- December 31, 2011)

Project Partners:

at the moment none



IBP Staff Members Involved in the Project:

; Carmen Wolf, M.A.;

Short Description of Project Contents and Goals:

This learning module is considered to fulfill the requirements of a “module for life-long learners” according to the description in the EDU Portfolio of Learning Modules. Its target groups are the prospective students at master level within the KIC InnoEnergy project’s master programs.
The study conditions for this group are expected to be especially challenging, not least in view of the fact that the master program will take place at two different locations. Furthermore, the pressure caused by the strict framework and conditions set in the master program may result in a high degree of stress and anxietey. Since the introduction of the bachelor and master system at German universities there have been frequent publications in the press about this subject.
A further important aspect in the learning process which is not to be underestimated in this context is self-reflection. Next to the contextual aspects, i.e. the learning content itself, the reflection of the content plays an enormous role for the learner, for the development of ideas of his own, his further learning and his ability for innovative work.