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Erweiterung der Berufsorientierung in der Realschule


Enhancement of the occupational orientation at Realschule (secondary school). Development and testing of the concept of an occupational orientation at Realschule (secondary school) that is enhanced as regards the competence of organizing occupational biographies.



External source:

Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Youth, and Sports Baden-Württemberg


15.02.2013 bis 31.12. 2013

Projektmitarbeiter am Institut für Berufspädagogik und Allgemeine Pädagogik (IBP) des KIT

Projektleitung: Prof. Dr. Martin Fischer
Projektsteuerung: PD Dr. Andreas Bröker
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin: Sylvia Barkholz
Wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft: Nadine Görg

Project Description

Single decisions within occupational orientation and career identification as part of the current occupational orientation at Realschule (secondary school) are intended to be enhanced by the active and continuous organization of occupational biographies. The project hence aims to trigger and extend the development of the competence of organizing occupational biographies of students at Realschule and thus enable them to (better) cope with status passages and risks in the course of their professional lives.

Target Group

Teachers and pupils at secondary schools in Baden-Württemberg

Project Objective

Development and testing of a modular teaching and learning arrangement for support of the competence of organizing occupational biographies based on an empirically founded inventory of tasks and a task-related didactical concept and considering the newly introduced Competence Analysis Profile AC (Profile Assessment Center) at secondary schools.


- Early involvement of school experts 

- Surveys among pupils on the present state of occupational orientation at Realschule (secondary school) 

- Secondary analysis: Occupational biographies (archive CV research) 

- Determination of task inventories and corresponding didactical concepts 

- Development of an exemplary teaching and learning arrangement 

- Testing of the developed teaching and learning arrangement 

- Final workshop(s)

Project partner:

CJD Offenburg www.cjd-offenburg.de; www.profil-ac.de