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Künstlerische Zugangsweisen zur technischen Bildung mit interaktiven Medien zur Förderung von Mädchen und jungen Frauen an Schule und Hochschule

Artistic Approaches to Engage Girls and Young Women in Technology and Engineering in Education at School and University

­­Girls Lab

Künstlerische Zugangsweisen zur technischen Bildung mit interaktiven Medien zur Förderung von Mädchen und jungen Frauen an Schule und Hochschule

Artistic Approaches to Engage Girls and Young Women in Technology and Engineering in Education at School and University




Funded by:


Project Coordinator:

Institute for Vocational Education and Training at the KIT.


First teaching offer within the scope of a course in the winter semester 2010/11 (pilot-course); course in the summer semester 2011; course in the summer semester 2012: research seminar digital media in the vocational preparation.


Project Goals:

More recent initiatives, which are opposed to the lack of technique professionals, show few girl-specific funding emphases with the connection of technique, art and design.

In the proposal will be investigated by which measures girls and young women can be interested for technical subjects, and how the technical understanding can be furthered. The intention assumes that such measures must already start in school education.

Girls will be not introduced to engineering didactics by traditional mediation forms, but through the sensual-haptic moment of artistic contexts and ways of working.

Technology will be experienced in everyday objects, which are developed, designed, programmed and presented in the context of personal meaningful project intentions of the girls.


Project Partners:


·       ZKM Karlsruhe museum communication (management: Janine Burger, M.A.),


  • „digital media in the education“, university Bremen (Prof. Dr. Heidi Schelhowe, Nadine Dittert) Web: www.dimeb.de | www.techkreativ.de Beschreibung: http://www.ibp.kit.edu/berufspaedagogik/icon_external_link.gif (usage of the software AMICI as well as the EduWear Starter Kit of the research group DiMEB)
  • Hebel-Realschule Karlsruhe Beschreibung: http://www.ibp.kit.edu/berufspaedagogik/icon_external_link.gif (principal: Mr. Stäbler, teacher: Roland Walz)
  • IBP Staff Members Involved in the Project:
    Dr. Daniela Reiman (project management), Prof. Dr. Martin Fischer,
    student assistant: Anni Fleck, Verena Kaufmann,
    Conduct WS 10/11: Lissa Brius, Heiko Kirschner, Pamela Weirauch
    Conduct of lesson in SoSe 2011: Linda Eggerichs, Kirsten Kramer, Carolin Wagner, Sarah Stibig, Ümmü Susan
  • Website of the project: in progress, information to the course in E-Studium: https://estudium.fsz.kit.edu/course/info.php?id=2374 Beschreibung: http://www.ibp.kit.edu/berufspaedagogik/icon_external_link.gif


It makes sense to coordinate the named activities with the offer of the HoC and to integrate it in to the research focus “human and technology” of the KIT.

In the medium term, the proposal should be further developed beyond the vocational- and engineer education as a course for the acquisition of key skills also for students from scientific-technical degree courses.

Short Description of Project Contents and Goals

·       The provided sub steps for the realization contain 1). the continuous seminar offer at the KIT/IBP, that will be 2). connected with teaching projects in partner schools at the location, that 3). will be evaluated, analyzed scientifically, held ready and published for the nationwide teacher training and - advanced training.

  • Practical research of interactive media technologies for example in the field of smart textiles, sensor- and actuator based system development/robotics in context of artistic project work and mediation in school context. Further fields are VR, mobile media, interactive stage.

·       Involvement with works of interactive media art at the interface of art, design, research, informatics in the field of smart textiles/fashionable technology/wearable computing.




  • Development, conduct and evaluation of teaching settings with current development of interactive media technologies (for example in the field of design of smart textiles/wearable computing, virtual worlds, interactive stage, mobile media).
  • Lasting encouragement of technical understanding and interest at girls and young women in school context.
  • Development of curricular structures for school and university in the field of gender-oriented-artistical-technical education and engineer education.
  • Increase the number of female beginning students and placement of technical education.
  • Technical learning contents are associated with aesthetically appealing and life meaningful contexts of the phantasy world of girls. Current media technological developments (for example low cost smart textiles, augmented virtuality and mixed reality systems), which have hardly found access in education at universities and schools, are used and tested. Girls can produce clothes, which are provided with microcomputers, or create artificial environments, in which people can interact with computer systems.
  • The research seminar digital media in vocational preparation in the summer semester 2012 in cooperation with the Hardstiftung e.V.: The participants are working with adolescents in vocational preparative measures with interactive textiles.


Project Partner

          Jugendhilfeeinrichtung Hardtstiftung e.V. Beschreibung: http://www.ibp.kit.edu/berufspaedagogik/icon_external_link.gif, director: Michal Schröpfer




The planned conference contributions, and project publications (in preparation).


Daniela Reimann: Shaping Interactive Media with the Sewing Machine: Smart Textile as an Artistic Context to Engage Girls in Technology and Engineering Education, in: Gianluca Mura (Ed.): International Journal of Art, Culture and Design Technologies (IJACDT) Beschreibung: http://www.ibp.kit.edu/berufspaedagogik/icon_external_link.gif, ISSUE ON CREATIVITY, INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGIES CULTURES, 2011

Sixth International Conference on the Arts in Society Beschreibung: http://www.ibp.kit.edu/berufspaedagogik/icon_external_link.gif 12-14 May 2011, Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities (BBAW), paper proposal for the workshop ("At the educational crossroads of Arts & Science and Technology" Beschreibung: http://www.ibp.kit.edu/berufspaedagogik/icon_external_link.gif), accepted proposal

Daniela Reimann: Arts across the curriculum - Artistic Approaches to Technology and Engineering Education, paper proposal for the InSEA World Congress Beschreibung: http://www.ibp.kit.edu/berufspaedagogik/icon_external_link.gif Budapest, Hungary, 27-30 June 2011, paper in Vorbereitung (program strand: "Art in an age of TechKNOWlodgy")

Leonardo Electronic Almanac volume on the Leonardo @ Ars Electronica  Beschreibung: http://www.ibp.kit.edu/berufspaedagogik/icon_external_link.gifsymposia on interdisciplinary art, design, science and technology in education organized by Nina Czegledy and Daniela Reimann, hosted by the Department of Art Education, University of Art and Industrial Design (Head: Angelika Plank) in conjunction with Ars Electronica, to appear in the LEONARDO Electronic Almanac LEA, the MIT Press, a peer reviewed journal and research development hub at the intersection of art, science and technology edited by Lanfranco Aceti: http://www.leoalmanac.org/

Daniela Reimann: ISEA 2011 Instanbul Beschreibung: http://www.ibp.kit.edu/berufspaedagogik/icon_external_link.gif, ISEA2011 Istanbul is the international festival of new media, electronic and digital arts. The 17th International Symposium on Electronic Art, a leading world conference and exhibition event for art, media and technology, is scheduled for September 14 to 21, 2011 in Istanbul, Turkey (proposal in preparation/review).