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Research at the Institute of Vocational Education and Training is comprised of the areas of education, work, and technology. All fields and their interactions are investigated with respect to teaching and learning. Research, in that context, is not only concerned with the question as to how far changes in the working world and living environment have impacts on the processes of teaching and learning underwent by people dealing with work and technologies, e.g. with the question whether these changes create new tasks, demand new skills and evoke appropriate teaching and learning concepts. In addition, vice versa, the question arises as to which learning and education processes influence the development and application of work and technology. The institute disciplines and members study the relation of work, technology, and education both in terms of impact research and in terms of innovation research.



Within the university, there are research contacts via the House of Competence (HoC), Zentrum für Lehrerbildung (Center for Teacher Training), KIT, the university research focus Humans and Technology, Fernstudienzentrum (Distance Learning Center) and, in the area of technology-based learning performance research, via the Hiper.Campus research group. Within the department, there are research links with Studienzentrum Multimedia (Multimedia Study Center), Forschungszentrum Schulsport (School Sports Research Center), and the Institute of Philosophy via basic ethical-philosophical studies.