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Wiss. Koordination und Projektleitung:

Dr. Daniela Reimann

E-Mail:  Daniela ReimannPci8∂kit edu 

Akademische Mitarbeiterin:

Dr. Simone Bekk

E-Mail:  simone bekkMse9∂kit edu


Hertzstr. 16

Gebäude 06.41

2. Geschoss

76187 Karlsruhe

Project information

The research project „MediaArt@Edu“ (ACRONYM) investigated artistic approaches and technological dimensions of digital media education. It was funded under the program of „strengthening media skills for future oriented media education in vocational qualification" of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), and co-coordinated by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology’s Institute of Vocational and General Education, in collaboration with the Center for Art and Media ZKM’s department of Museum Communication, the German Federal Agency of Employment Karlsruhe as well as the Hardtstiftung e.V. Karlsruhe, a youth welfare service for young women. The project aimed to scrutinize artistic approaches and mentoring concepts to be applied in media technology education with young participants of vocational preparation and vocational orientation programs. In the project, a new concept to support digital media literacy of young people was developed, tested and evaluated. It brought together art and technology education accompanied by a specific mentoring concept including portfolio research books.

In the project, students of pedagogy, vocational education, engineering pedagogy as well as technology education accompanied young participants of vocational preparation programs. The project aimed to realize an education-through-art approach to technology by introducing artistic processes with digital media as well as didactic concepts of art education in vocational preparation.

In order to improve media literacy of the young participants, the project aimed to support them to shape their own vocational biography towards the development of a vocational identity.
The project responded to the challenges of contemporary vocational preparation measures in terms of inventing a new didactic concept of mentoring portfolio work as aesthetic design and shaping processes.